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As I said in my previous article, numerous atheists and enemies of Islam were intensely desirous of changing Qur’an, distorting it, raising doubts in the hearts of Muslims because Qur’an is the fundamental and the securest source of Islam. But can the truth ever be hidden? One of those assaults is a claim that is allegedly primarily based on some hadiths and which asserts that Satan has tempered with Qur’an with the aid of including it some false statements. As you may remember, additionally they posted a ebook entitled “The Satanic harga haji plus  Verses”. Certainly, this kind of claim can simplest be made via some impertinents who don’t forget Allah (s.W.T.) to be incapable as themselves even though Allah (s.W.T.) is free of all incomplete and deficient attributes. See the messages of the following verses:

“When He decreeth a count, He saith to it: “Be,” and it’s miles.” [Baqarah, 117]

“And Our Command is however a unmarried (phrase),- like the short while.” [Qamar, 50]

Does ever a Creator who’s capable of fulfulling his command inside the blinking of an eye permit Satan to mood along with his book with faux statements? The following verses were given as an answer to such baseless claims 14 centuries in the past:

“Never did We send a messenger or a prophet earlier than thee, however, whilst he framed a desire, Satan threw some (arrogance) into his preference: however Allah will cancel something (useless) that Satan throws in, and Allah will verify (and set up) His Signs: for Allah is full of Knowledge and Wisdom:” [Hajj, 52]

“That He might also make the recommendations thrown in with the aid of Satan, but a tribulation for those in whose hearts is a disorder and who are hardened of heart: verily the wrong-doers are in a schism far (from the Truth): ” [Hajj, 53]

Therefore, I do now not keep in mind it necessary to dwell upon in this baseless remember.

# Qur’an verses cannot had been fabricated

Dear readers, Qur’an has made no concessions from its literary splendor although it has supplied effective solutions primarily based on simple concepts to fabric and religious ailments of humans and societies due to their self-indulgence. It can’t have been fabricated.

“This Qurán isn’t always which includes may be produced by other than Allah. On the opposite it is a confirmation of (revelations) that went earlier than it, and a fuller rationalization of the Book – wherein there is no doubt – from the Lord of the Worlds.” [Yunus, 37]

“Or do they are saying, “He forged it”? Say: Bring then a Sürah like unto it, and speak to (for your useful resource) everyone you may besides Allah, if it be ye talk the reality!” [Yunus, 38]

“Or do they are saying “He has cast it?” Say: “If I had solid it on me were my sin! And I am freed from the sins of which ye are responsible! Ay: He is your Lord.” [Hud, 35]

# Some traits of Qur’an

Dear readers,

The Holy Qur’an is a fantastic book in the strictest feel. In a hadith-I sharif which became said via Haris el-A’ver and which states that the manner to freedom from seditions is through following Qur’an, Rasulullah (s.A.W.) stated that:

“The Book of Allah (s.W.T.) is the manner to salvation from problems. It carries statistics regarding the circumstances of your predecessors and additionally records concerning the occasions to arise when you and in the end of days. It additionally consists of provisions regarding the instances so that it will occur amongst you. It is a size for separating fact from falsehood. Everything in it is huge, it does not contain any aimless assertion.”

“Whoever performs the fool by no longer believing in and performing based on it’ll be destroyed by using Allah. Whoever searches for the right way besides in it will be led away by means of Allah. It is the unbreakable rope of Allah. It is the dhikr complete of expertise, it’s far the immediately course. It protects its fans from self-indulgence and confusion. Scholars can in no way get enough of it.”

“Its common repetition does now not bore, neither decreases its delight in. Its incredible incredible sides do not quit or finish. It is this type of e-book that whoever brings a know-how from it tells the truth. Whoever acts primarily based on it turns into a success. Whoever regulations primarily based on it policies justly. Whoever is known as to it’s miles referred to as to the directly path. You, A’ver, should study these beautiful phrases.” [Tirmidhi]

# Some formal characteristics of Qur’an

Allah (s.W.T.) has made Qur’an less complicated in order that human beings can study and memorize it. That is to say:

• Similar expressions, statements, idioms and series of words are regularly repeated so that humans can memorize them without problems.

• In order for brand new inexperienced persons to no longer have a lot problem, the beginning sections are simpler to read. In the finishing sections, in which social matters are addressed extra, richness of vocabulary step by step will increase. However, as novices attain a positive level when they get to these sections, they do not have a whole lot problem following them.

• Although Qur’an is discovered as a prose, its sentences and clauses frequently end in rhyming phrases and therefore the studying feels poetic and produces a pleasure as in analyzing poems.

• In a few parts, not best sentence and clause endings however also complete sentences encompass rhyming phrases and this adds a sure joy to the studying.

• In Arabic, some syllables are said shorter, some longer and some very long. And this contributes a superb concord to the recitation of Qur’an while reading it aloud. Especially whilst recited in a few positive modes (maqams) together with Saba and Huzzam, each the reciter and listeners get a incredible religious delight of it.

These absolutely relate to the stylistic traits of Qur’an. As I from time to time cited in my preceding articles, the principle goal here is to understand Qur’an and comply with its provisions, commands, tips and admonitions.

Allah (s.W.T.) commands in a verse:

“And We have indeed made the Qurán smooth to apprehend and bear in mind: then is there any so that it will acquire admonition?” [Qamar, 17]

# Qur’an changed into sent to an illiterate prophet

Dear readers, Allah (s.W.T.) descended Qur’an to an illiterate (ummi) prophet in order that even folks that pursued illegitimate goals would now not doubt it. This scenario is explained within the following verse:

“And thou wast not (capable) to recite a Book earlier than this (Book came), nor art thou (in a position) to transcribe it with thy proper hand: In that case, indeed, would the talkers of vanities have doubted.” [Ankabut, 48]

Although Qur’an descended in 23 years, there is no any inconsistency in its content material. If it became a document created by way of the arms of an incapable individual who forgets inside the morning what he ate within the previous evening, then there would be plenty of conflicts and inconsistencies on this document which addressed so many challenge topics in this kind of long term.